77th Birthday card

Today is my husband’s stepdad’s birthday.  So I made chocolate creme brulee, got some sushi from Nijiya and went over to their house.

They loved the chocolate creme brulee!  I used a recipe from here.

77th birthday card with plane 77th birthday card with plane


Birthday card with button balloons

I saw a cute card on Pinterest with a hot air balloon that was made with little buttons.  So I looked at buttons I have and decided to create a balloon!

It also has pics of her dogs…  White fluffy clouds are yarn.

birthday card hot air balloon birthday card hot air balloon birthday card hot air balloon



Another Father’s day card

And here is another one…  This is for my husband’s dad.  I used a pick of my husband when he was little…

father's day with photo father's day with photo

Happy Father’s Day 2017

1 of 2 father’s day cards I made…   I usually have to make 3 father’s day cards, one for my husband’s dad, then his stepdad and my dad in Japan.  But I was sick for 2 weeks, I was just too late to send him a card this year.  Oh, well.

father's day retro father's day retro

Birthday with surfboards

I saw a similar design with surfboards on Pinterest, which inspired me to make this car for my surfer friened.  Simple, but I like it.

birthday card surfboardsbirthday card surfboards

Birthday cards for 2 girls

My brother-in-law’s daughter and their adopted daughter have birthdays that are few days apart, so I always make similar cards for them.

I got this pack of ‘happy birthday’ banners, so Iam trying to use them up…

pink birthday card pink lattus birthday card

Birthday card with yellow flowers with circle cutout

I get inspirations from Pinterest…  I really like the circle cutout and wanted to use flowers I bought.

I keep finding nice card stock books at Tuesday Morning at great price.  I have to stop buying and start making more cards.

birthday card with yellow flowers and circle cutout birthday card with yellow flowers and circle cutout

Birthday card with butterfly

Birthday card with purple butterfly and ribbon frame.  I am not posting quickly enough, I don’t even remember who I made this for any more! 🙁  Well, somebody at work…

birthday card with butterfly birthday card with butterfly

Birthday card with yellow tulips

In the original Cricut design, there were different flowers for these stems, so I cut them off and added tulips.

Birthday card with yellow tulips Birthday car with yellow tulips

Birthday card with owl

I got an inspiration from Pinterest for this card.   I am trying to figure out how to use up some of the papers I don’t like as a card, then the pattern paper seemed perfect for this card.

Again… I used ‘happy birthday’ die cut.

birthday card with owl handmade