Mini thank-you cards

So continuing from yesterday’s blog, here are a bunch I made.  They are all similar to business card size.  I really like the sizes of them, so I am planning to make more!

mini thank you cards


mini thank you cardmini thank you card mini thank you card

It has been a while… But here are some Thank-you cards

OMG!  I have not blogged since last Dec???  I have made lots of cards since then and have photos…  So I will start posting them slowly.

I made a bunch of thank you cards one day and my sister wanted mini version of it…  These are in regular sizes (5″x7″ kind of size).


Here is one in a business card size. You can see its size next to a business card of a barber who does my undercut.  My sister loved it!

So I made a bunch more…  I will post them next.



Happy Holidays!

I usually send out 30+ holiday cards, so I knew I could not make cards for everybody…  So I picked 8 people to make card for.  I finally got to use snow flake embossing folder!

christmas card xmas6aholiday card christmas card xmas5b  holiday cardchristmas card  holiday card  holiday card holiday cardchristmas card

Hello Kitty birthday card

One of our students is very into Hello Kitty, so I knew I wanted to make Hello Kitty card for her.  I found an image and converted to png, and it worked!  She really liked it.  🙂  The next day, she came in and said she put it up on a wall in her room.

Hello Kitty birthday card Hello Kitty birthday card

Birthday card with a flower

I forgot to make a birthday card for my in-law until the last minute, so I picked the design and made it quick.  She was very with the card, though.

birthday card card_linda2

Birthday card for my mom’s 70 birthday

My mom turned 70 this year, so I made a box card!  It took a while to make these flowers, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

box card box card box card

Heart shape wedding card

I was going to work-friend’s wedding, so I made a heart shape wedding card.  Just put few things from Design Space together.  I love the polka dot embossing folder!

wedding card

Good-bye cards

In the past 3 months, 2 students left our school, so I made farewell cards for them.  One girl is into goth/industrial metal, so it was easy to come up with a design.

farewell card

Then for a boy who was moving back to Philippines…  I really like the printed card stock.  I have to see who makes it.  I am not in my craft room now, so I will check later.

farewell card farewell card farewell card farewell card

Thank you card for giving me a guitar book

A friend of mine gave me a classic guitar tab book, so I used a card with guitar as a thank you card.  I embossed it with a retro embossing folder and Cuttlebug.  And I used a silver pen to write  a message.

thank you card ashley2