Finally…Ugly sweaters!

So when we decided to have ugly xmas sweater party, we knew we wanted to make our own…

We went to a goodwill San Mateo and got somewhat plain, ugly and xmas sweater.  Then after xmas, we went back to the same store after xmas to see if they have anything else.

I got a few things from them, and started attaching thing on my sweater.


ugly sweater


ugly xmas sweater party


ugly xmas sweater party

It was fun!

Ugly Xmas sweater party decoration

As I promised yesterday, I am posting our cheep and cheesy decorations for our party!  We got ugly wrapping papers at 90% off discount at a local CVS.  So we probably just used $1 or so to decorate.  It was a big hit!  We wrapped my paintings, closet door…

ugly xmas sweater party ugly xmas sweater party ugly xmas sweater party

Then xmas tree…  We actually drove around our neighborhood looking for a small old brown xmas tree people were getting rid of! To our surprise, most xmas trees people are getting rid of after almost 1 month after xmas were still green!  So when we saw this small brown tree, we were excited!

ugly xmas sweater party

Well, stay tuned for our homemade ugly xmas sweaters!

Ugly Xmas sweater cookies

I always wanted to have an ugly xmas sweater party, so I finally made it happen this year!

I made ugly sweater cookies with shortbread cookies and homemade icing.  My friend and I decorated them and had a great time!

ugly xmas sweater party ugly xmas sweater party

We were pretty happy with the results even though some are not quite ugly! It is def. harder to make something look ugly than pretty for sure…

We made our sweaters also and decorations are cheap and cheesy, just as we imagined!  I will post them in following posts…

Painting walls

When we bought our house in 2011, neither of us liked the wall color.  Every wall in our house had the same color.  So after 5 years of living here, we finally decided to paint the living room.  Mostly light grey with darker grey as an accent wall.

Now onto one of 2 bedrooms.  I painted the accent wall with mustard yellow 2 years ago… but not the rest, so I finally painted the rest.  I am getting better at this.  And finally, repair around the doggie door is gone!


wall color before


wall color after

Now we have 2 more rooms to go… Our bedroom and dining room.  Right now, I am working on redecorating our laundry room.  It is always fun to figure out what to do with a room.  I guess I need to get paint samples for the laundry wall!

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Reusable shopping bag with fabric from Guatemala

I got this small fabric from my friend and she told me it was something her mom got from Guatemala.  It was too small to make anything, but was large enough to make 2 of these.  One for me as a sample.  For mine, I didn’t add lining.  But it seemed a bit weak…  So I made another one with lining fabric I already had and color matched the fabric.  It is big enough for a few things and sturdy enough to put heavy items such as milk, fruits and veggies.  I like when the handle goes all the way around the bottom, so the handle won’t rip the fabric and fall off.

reusable bag

Mochi is investigating it…

reusable bag

I added some depth…

reusable bag

Here you can see the lining.

reusable bag

I would like to make a lot more with tons of remnants I have…  I just have to find the time!

Upcycling my new pillow cases into neck warmer

We bought a set of duvet cover and pillow covers long time ago.   We sopped using duvet cover long time ago, but I recently found unused pillow cases in our cabinet.

Trying to figure out if I can use it for anything…  I thought it could be good for neck warmers.  I could make 2 of them from 1 pillow cases.  I got an idea of how to make the insert from what I already have.  I used white rice as a filler.

Approved by Mochi!

neck warmer

Since I already have one at home, i brought it to school for kids to use when they are sick and etc…

Sigh…  I have a lot of upcycle projects.  Just have to find the time.

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Using branches as a decoration

We were having holiday party and our theme was White Party where everybody was asked to wear mostly white.  So we wanted to decorate our living room in white also.

Every time it rains hard, we have tons of branches on sidewalks.  They just fall from big trees we have in our neighborhood.  So I collected some larger ones and my husband spray painted them in white.

Now the party is over, we took down most of them, but I wanted to keep a couple.  I think it looks good in our spare bedroom.

branch decoration

School teacher paints realistic portraits on his hand and stamps on paper

This is a bit older article…  But I think it is a great idea he came up with. Painting his hand and then stamping it on a paper.

Here is an example.

Hand print portraits

Bathroom vanity upcycle

When we bought our house, it came with small pedestal sink in our bathroom.  NO room for me to put anything.  But I finally started looking around on Craigslit.  I had an idea to use antique vanity or dresser and put a sink on top, but it took me a while to find the right size one since our bathroom is narrow.  Or some of them were really expensive.

Then I found the one.  Right look and size, and price!   It was in Capitola, which is a bit far away, but for $150, it was worth 1 hr drive.

Here is before.

bathroom sink before

And after.

bathroom sink after

There it is… NO more folding table, but more room!  2 drawers on both sides work well also.  Sooooo happy!  This is only a start…  I want to paint, change layout, etc, but for now, this will do.

Miss you! card for a student

One of my students decided to go back to her main stream school…  She used to call me ‘adopted mom’, so naturally, I was very sad…

handmade card miss you

She likes pink and bling, so this is what I came up with…

handmade card miss you

I hope I will run into her in town sometime!