Using branches as a decoration

We were having holiday party and our theme was White Party where everybody was asked to wear mostly white.  So we wanted to decorate our living room in white also.

Every time it rains hard, we have tons of branches on sidewalks.  They just fall from big trees we have in our neighborhood.  So I collected some larger ones and my husband spray painted them in white.

Now the party is over, we took down most of them, but I wanted to keep a couple.  I think it looks good in our spare bedroom.

branch decoration

School teacher paints realistic portraits on his hand and stamps on paper

This is a bit older article…  But I think it is a great idea he came up with. Painting his hand and then stamping it on a paper.

Here is an example.

Hand print portraits

Bathroom vanity upcycle

When we bought our house, it came with small pedestal sink in our bathroom.  NO room for me to put anything.  But I finally started looking around on Craigslit.  I had an idea to use antique vanity or dresser and put a sink on top, but it took me a while to find the right size one since our bathroom is narrow.  Or some of them were really expensive.

Then I found the one.  Right look and size, and price!   It was in Capitola, which is a bit far away, but for $150, it was worth 1 hr drive.

Here is before.

bathroom sink before

And after.

bathroom sink after

There it is… NO more folding table, but more room!  2 drawers on both sides work well also.  Sooooo happy!  This is only a start…  I want to paint, change layout, etc, but for now, this will do.

Miss you! card for a student

One of my students decided to go back to her main stream school…  She used to call me ‘adopted mom’, so naturally, I was very sad…

handmade card miss you

She likes pink and bling, so this is what I came up with…

handmade card miss you

I hope I will run into her in town sometime!

Happy new year!

How was your holidays?  Mine was fairly quiet.  Stayed in for Xmas  and went out a bit on NYE in San Francisco, but other than that, I just stayed in and did some spring cleaning and relaxing.

Here is my best moment of new year.

Yes, both dogs wanted to hang out with me.  The toy poodle is my friend’s dog and the one on my shoulder is my fur baby.

Oh, and the best find at a Japanese market near by was these.


So pretty! and They tasted good…

Well, I hope I will be updating this a bit more regularly…  Wishing you a great year and keep creating!

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Handmade birthday card with a cupcake

For my friend in LA.  Actually, she was my host mother when I first moved to the US as a foreign student.  She took care of me like her own daughter…  I miss her and Santa Monica!  I would move back there any day if I have a chance.

So I just cut out a bunch of circles and embossed with different folders.  But the hardest part was to make sure it would look like a cupcake in the end since I was just guessing how it would look like as I glue them from the bottom.  Slightly different than what I originally designed, but I think it looks like a cupcake.

handmade birthday card with a cupcake   handmade birthday card with a cupcake

Handmade birthday card with tree emboss

I got this tree embossing folder a while ago, but had not had a chance to use it, so I finally decided to use it!  I also bought stamp ink long time ago, thinking I could use it to create vintage feel to a card, but never used it.  So I tried it out on this card.  I am pretty happy with how it looks!

handmade birthday card with bird   handmade birthday card with bird

Handmade birthday card with balloons

For my friend’s son’s birthday.  Well, he is actually my husband’s friend’s son, so I don’t really know what he is into…  It is hard to make cards for people I don’t know well, especially kids.  But I think I got an inspiration from pinterest.

handmade card for kidshandmade card for kids

House warming card

My friend and her husband managed to buy a house last year and just had a house warming party after 1 year of remodeling.  It is very hard to buy a house around here nowadays, so it is a great accomplishment!  Their new kitchen looked amazing!

handmade housewarming card

1st birthday!

My friend’s son just turned 1!  We were going to his birthday party, so I made a card with 1, even though he probably has no clue what it says…

handmade card bear shape   handmade card bear shape