It’s been a while…

Well, it’s been over 2 yrs since I posted a blog. But I have been making a lot of stuff. So I will just post few pics here. I will start with Covid related creations. I made tons of masks…some shirts and signs. Designs are all done with HTV.

Birthday card with a dog photo

This was for my husband’s birthday.  I used painting effect on our dog’s picture in Photoshop, then cut it out with Cricut.

handmade birthday card with a dog

I wanted to add flowers, but didn’t want a tall 3D flower, so I settle on these.  Easier than other flowers, but time consuming to glue each layers…

handmade birthday card with a dog

I like to use foam stickers(?) to add some dimensions.

handmade birthday card with a dog

Handmade birthday card for a golfer

My boss planned a surprise birthday party for her husband who loves golf, so I made a golf theme card for him. I was also a photographer at the party.  Mostly white with different textures.  I do with I didn’t use this embossing folder as a background, though.  A bit too busy.  Cricut and Cuttlebug.

Handmade birthday card with paper flowers

I was going to my friend’s birthday party in the afternoon and had not made her a card yet.  After looking around on Pinterest, I saw something like this with silk flowers and really liked it.  Although I didn’t realize how many flowers I had to make…

With all the flowers, there was no way I could fit that into a regular envelop, so I quickly made a bag to hold the card.  Everything was cut with Cricut.  I have Design Space subscription, so I got the cupcake and flower templates from it.  Then I had to customize purple pieces using rectangular.

birthday card with paper flowers birthday card with paper flowers

Etched glass picture frame for family photo

I had this glass photo frame in our house for a long time and kept thinking I could do something with it.  When I got my current job, I thought it would be great to hold my family’s photo (well, my husband and dog).


etched glass photo frame

Then I made a stencil with Cricut


etched glass photo frame


Covered with etching cream…  I use Martha Stewart etching cream, but I think Armor etching cream is more popular among crafters.  It works either way…

etched glass photo frame

Here is the final product.  Letters look like it has some double vision, but it is because it is a thick glass.

etched glass photo frame

more Mason jar kleenex holders

I actually made these as Christmas gifts last year.  I gave some  to my colleagues who are psychotherapists since they always need Kleenex in their office… and some to my friends.  They were a big hit!  I am making mason jar lantern this year as Christmas gifts.

mason jar kleenex holder mason jar kleenex holder

Paints I used are again Wavery chalk paints.

waverly chalk paint Curry

Handmade wood block sign: Happy life

This was my husband’s idea.  So I asked him to cut wood we had into smaller pieces.  I sanded it down to smooth it out, painted with black chalk paint, sanded the corners a bit for a rustic look.  Then I  made a stencil with Cricut and painted with white chalk paint.  I finished with matte finish spray.

handmade wood block sign

These are chalk paints I used. Less than $6 at Walmart.

wavery chalk paint ink wavery chalk paint ivory


Mason jar Kleenex holder with sunflower

I wanted to make a kleenex holder with a mason jar for my desk at work.  Since I made a sunflower with Cricut a while back, I decided to use it. I spray the jar with matte finish spray before painting, so the chalk paint sticks better.  Then I finish with the same matte finish spray before decorating it.

If you by “Perfect Fit” Kleenex in a tube shape, that fits perfectly into a larger size mason jar.

mason jar kleenex holder

This is the paint I used.  Less than $6 at Walmart.

waverly chalk paint Curry