Handmade birthday card for Lauren

For one of our students.  I knew she likes stuff from Hot Topic and Japanese stuff, so I wanted it to be cute, but not too girly…


handmade birthday card

Handmade birthday card for Terence

For one of our students. He was very quiet, so I was not sure what he was into other than ping pong, but I was told he likes turtles…

handmade birthday card

Handmade birthday card with layered flowers

When I saw this design, it didn’t look complicated.  But once I opened the cutting page, I knew it was going to take a while to make.  🙁   But it was actually fun to put them together.

handmade birthday card handmade birthday card

Handmade 10th anniversary card

This was for our friend’s 10th wedding anniversary. Well, to be honest, I am not crazy about it…  Oh, well.  I do like the ‘happy 10th’ part, though. Just not the card part…

handmade anniversary card

Handmade farewell card

Our intern therapist was leaving after a year at our program, so I made extra large card for everybody to sign.  I wish I could make larger card, but I only have white in 11″x17″ size, so the max I can make with 12″x12″ is 6″x 8″ card…

handmade farewell card handmade farewell card

Handmade box card for my colleague

My colleague turned 25 in April. 25th birthday is not special in Japan where I grew up, but it seems like it is a pretty big birthday year here? At least all his friends had big birthday parties for their 25th. So I made a box card.  I only make box cards for special occasions since it is time consuming.  He loved it!


handmade box card

I used sandwich picks since they are the perfect length for this and hot glue gun to attach sticks to the box.  I love the hot glue gun.  I also bought cold glue gun, but I have not tried it yet…

Handmade birthday cards for 2 sisters

Our nieces’ birthday. They are not twins, but their birthdays are 3 days apart, so I made 2 similar cards with different colors…  I love my Cuttlebug (embossing machine)!

handmade birthday card handmade birthday card

Handmade birthday card

I don’t remember who’s birthday this card was for… LOL  Used print design on a paper as the card design…   I guess I was in a hurry!  It happens sometimes…

handmade birthday card