Handmade birthday card with a cupcake

For my friend in LA.  Actually, she was my host mother when I first moved to the US as a foreign student.  She took care of me like her own daughter…  I miss her and Santa Monica!  I would move back there any day if I have a chance.

So I just cut out a bunch of circles and embossed with different folders.  But the hardest part was to make sure it would look like a cupcake in the end since I was just guessing how it would look like as I glue them from the bottom.  Slightly different than what I originally designed, but I think it looks like a cupcake.

handmade birthday card with a cupcake   handmade birthday card with a cupcake

Handmade birthday card with tree emboss

I got this tree embossing folder a while ago, but had not had a chance to use it, so I finally decided to use it!  I also bought stamp ink long time ago, thinking I could use it to create vintage feel to a card, but never used it.  So I tried it out on this card.  I am pretty happy with how it looks!

handmade birthday card with bird   handmade birthday card with bird

Handmade birthday card with balloons

For my friend’s son’s birthday.  Well, he is actually my husband’s friend’s son, so I don’t really know what he is into…  It is hard to make cards for people I don’t know well, especially kids.  But I think I got an inspiration from pinterest.

handmade card for kidshandmade card for kids

House warming card

My friend and her husband managed to buy a house last year and just had a house warming party after 1 year of remodeling.  It is very hard to buy a house around here nowadays, so it is a great accomplishment!  Their new kitchen looked amazing!

handmade housewarming card

1st birthday!

My friend’s son just turned 1!  We were going to his birthday party, so I made a card with 1, even though he probably has no clue what it says…

handmade card bear shape   handmade card bear shape

Handmade 21st birthday card

Our niece was turning 21 this year, so even though I usually don’t put a number on a card, I put a number for this one.   I already had “happy birthday” tag I bought long time ago, so I wanted to use it.  A pink paper under the green is embossed.

handmade card with a cakehandmade card with a cake

Father’s Day card 4

So finally, for my husband.  He is a surfer and loves octopus, so I often try to find a design with octopus.  So when I saw this design in Cricut Design Space, I had to use it!  But boy, there are so many layers…  12 layers to be exact.  So in the end, it is a very thick and heavy card.

handmade fathers day cardhandmade fathers day card

12 layers!

handmade fathers day card

The design is just for a flat card, not a folded one, so I had to add white part to make a folded card…

handmade fathers day card


Father’s day card 1

OK, so I have 4 people I have to make Father’s day card for…  Father-in-law, my husband’s stepfather, my husband and my dad.  This one is for my in-law…  I got this cream/natural color paper at an estate sale, so I have a lot!  So I am trying to use it…

fathers day card with dragonfly fathers day card with dragonfly fathers day card with dragonfly