Cricut cartridges for sale at Joann’s

I got an email from Joann’s about their sale.  I am still debating if I want to buy cartridges for Cricut or just pay for Design Space subscription…  My subscription that came with Cricut machine expires this month.  Hmmmm.  I do use subscribed images a lot, so I probably should just get the subscription rather than buying cartridges.  But just in case you wan to buy them, here is the ad. Mostly $17.99 for cartridges.

Jo-ann Fabric & Craft sale

I was out of town for 1 week, so I was not able to make anything during that time…  I could not even design anything in Design Space since we didn’t have wifi or cell connection.  I got to relax, though…

Jo-Ann Fabric & CraftsでCricutのカートリッジが$17.99のセール。いつも悩む。。。カートリッジを買うべきか、Design Spaceの購読だけにするか。機械を買った時について来た2ヶ月の購読期間が今月で切れるから決めないと、って思ってたんだけど、やっぱり購読だけで良いかな。カートリッジを置く所も無いし。