Handmade thank you and congratulations card

When I was leaving previous company, my supervisor was leaving for another position(promotion), so I made a card to thank and congratulate her.


handmade thank you card

Mini cards

During the summer, I made a few mini cards using smaller cardstock leftovers.  So these are about business card size.  Mostly left blank, so they can be used for whatever.

handmade mini cardshandmade mini cards handmade mini cards handmade mini cards handmade mini cards handmade mini cards



Tissue holder with mason jar and chalk paint

I saw cute tissue holder that were painted with chalk paint.  So I decided to make one also.  I got a 32oz wide mouth jar.

I used wide mouth mason jar.  Then I got Waverly chalk paint in a few colors, Acrylic matte finish sealer, and Kleenex Perfect Fit (in a tube box).

I spray with the matte sealer first based on other people’s suggestion.  Then I painted twice and sprayed again to seal.

I also cut out vinyl as a stencil.  My first attempt on anything other than paper craft.  It is so much fun!

mason jar tissue holder mason jar tissue holder

Kleenex Perfect Fit looks like this. Just take the rid and tissue and put it into the far when you are done.

kleenex perfect fit

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  We already went to a Halloween event by Vue de Vire, my hubby as Slash (from GNR) and I as a rock band groupie from 80’s!

But before we decided what we were going to be, I found a shark costume for Mochi thinking he can be a shark.  But after I put it on him, I realized it is more like a shark eating him…

halloween 2017 shark

And we bought our camera to take pics of him in other people’s decorated frontyard…

halloween 2017 shark

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Birthday card with Martha Stewart flocking powder

I saw a set of powder on sale at Michael’s and bought it without knowing how to use it.  It just looked like glitter powder…

martha stewart flocking powder

It turns out flocking powders are kind of fuzzy after you apply it on paper with glue.  I like it better than glitter powder!

birthday card with flocking powderbirthday card with flocking powder

It is hard to see in the pictures.  I will have to take better photos next time!




77th Birthday card

Today is my husband’s stepdad’s birthday.  So I made chocolate creme brulee, got some sushi from Nijiya and went over to their house.

They loved the chocolate creme brulee!  I used a recipe from here.

77th birthday card with plane 77th birthday card with plane


Birthday card with button balloons

I saw a cute card on Pinterest with a hot air balloon that was made with little buttons.  So I looked at buttons I have and decided to create a balloon!

It also has pics of her dogs…  White fluffy clouds are yarn.

birthday card hot air balloon birthday card hot air balloon birthday card hot air balloon



Another Father’s day card

And here is another one…  This is for my husband’s dad.  I used a pick of my husband when he was little…

father's day with photo father's day with photo

Happy Father’s Day 2017

1 of 2 father’s day cards I made…   I usually have to make 3 father’s day cards, one for my husband’s dad, then his stepdad and my dad in Japan.  But I was sick for 2 weeks, I was just too late to send him a card this year.  Oh, well.

father's day retro father's day retro