Painting walls

When we bought our house in 2011, neither of us liked the wall color.  Every wall in our house had the same color.  So after 5 years of living here, we finally decided to paint the living room.  Mostly light grey with darker grey as an accent wall.

Now onto one of 2 bedrooms.  I painted the accent wall with mustard yellow 2 years ago… but not the rest, so I finally painted the rest.  I am getting better at this.  And finally, repair around the doggie door is gone!


wall color before


wall color after

Now we have 2 more rooms to go… Our bedroom and dining room.  Right now, I am working on redecorating our laundry room.  It is always fun to figure out what to do with a room.  I guess I need to get paint samples for the laundry wall!

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